Could we see the snowiest month in Flint, ever?

Could we do it, could Flint break the record for its snowiest month ever?

Simple answer, yes.

More complicated answer, not entirely likely.

Other cities and towns in the area will break records as well but this data takes time, it depends on individual reports from personal stations.

We do have more days of January left and we do have snow in the forecast but the reason I included the forecast in this is because the temperatures matter, a lot.

Snow tonight and Monday morning will be important to the totals, because snowflakes will still have the chance to be on the larger side.

As temperatures drop, the ratio in a snowflake changes.

Ratio? Yes in every snowflake the ratio of ice to liquid water is the reson a snowflake is either large or small, blows around easily or sticks.

Simply put, the absolutely frigid air this week will cause most flakes to be made up of mostly ice crystals with only a very tiny portion as liquid water.

And this means really tiny flakes.

And that means the snow totals will be small.

Thursday will provide another day to attempt climbing towards the record mark, bringing our calcualtions down to the wire.

We probably won't know if the record is broken until Saturday since every flake counts and Friday is the last chance for this month.

Now that we have gone over that issue, we focus on the forecast.

Wind Chill Watches are in effect for all counties below Bay County starting at 4pm Monday through noon on Wednesday.

For your full forecast check out the video.