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      Councilman Mays denies city's request for resignation

      <font size="2">Mays maintains his innocence.</font>

      Flint City leaders ask Eric Mays to hand in his resignation but the Flint councilman accused of impaired driving says no.

      Flint's Emergency Manager, Darnell Earley and elected officials called newly-elected councilman Eric Mays to hang up his hat during a press conference Friday.

      "The City of Flint is represented here this morning and asking Mr. Mays to submit his resignation," said Earley.

      The call comes nearly one week after Mays was arrested for drunk driving and possession of drugs along I-475.

      "Everybody deserves a better representation of public official activity than we've seen over the last few days," said Earley.

      Flint Mayor Dayne Walling and Flint City Council President, Scott Kincaid stood by Earley's request.

      "I hope that he will put the community first," said Mayor Walling.

      But speaking with reporters after the press conference, Mays maintained his innocence.

      "Under the laws they talk about, I'm innocent until proven guilty. I'm tell you there's some funny business going on," said Mays.

      Elected just four weeks ago, Mays doesn't plan on leaving his post at city hall.

      I'm not going to resign I think it's ridiculous to be talking to me about resignation and I'm an innocent man," he said.

      The people who voted for him in the first ward agree.

      "We still behind Eric Mays and we're gonna help him clean up this neighborhood," said Derwin Sykes of Flint.

      "They support me they love me they voted for me and they're praying for me," said Mays.

      But city leaders call his alleged behavior unprecedented urging action.

      "We can't sit idly by and not take a position," said Kincaid.

      Darnell Earley would not comment about their plans if Mays does not comply.