County prosecutors take aim at establishments with violent history

Ruth Mitchell points out the bullet holes in the walls of her Clio Road furniture store---the result of a shoot out across the street.

â??It was scary,â?? says Mitchell.

She says the violence has subsided after The Palm Tree Lounge was shutdown following a deadly shooting.

â??It makes a big difference,â?? says Mitchell. â??People are not afraid,â?? she adds.

â??The closing of the Palm Tree Lounge has allowed that neighborhood to recover and have less violence,â?? says David Leyton, Genesee County prosecutor.

Heâ??s pushing for an expansion of Michiganâ??s Public Nuisance Act.

â??If we can expand the law then I can go in and padlock these nightclubs that are making trouble for neighborhoods,â?? says Leyton.

The expansion would also apply to Saginaw where the owners of Terryâ??s Place are fighting a license suspension.

City officials padlocked the bar following a quadruple shooting.

A club security guard telling NBC25 last week, officials should give nightclubs a chance.

â??One ignorant person can start shooting and that don't make it not safe, it just make it one ignorant person,â?? says Robert Jamerson.

But one person can spoil it for many.

â??You don't want to go where there's a lot of shootings,â?? says Mitchell.