Couple's home flooded, local business helps out

Debra and Mitchell Slater have spent the past week trying to clean up their home that was flooded during last week's storms. They had no flooding insurance and will have to pay to pay for renovations out of their own pocket.

Their basement was completely flooded. Their first floor had about five inches of water.

"We are devastated. We almost lost everything." said Mitchell Slater.

We haven't been able to eat or sleep, " said his wife Debra.

The couple called Bishop Construction to get an estimate on how much it would cost to dry out their home. Bryan Chartrand, an estimator with Bishop, took heart and asked the company to donate services.

"It would be great if everybody stepped up and helped out people that do not have insurance," said Chartrand.

The service would have cost about $10,000.

"I am deeply grateful. It's touching my heart," said Debra.

"It's unbelievable. It's not very often people do this," said Mitchell.