Cracking down on crime through landlords in Saginaw

A Saginaw councilman is proposing a new ordinance in the city to make it easier for landlords to keep criminals, who are repeat offenders, out of the city.

"If you're selling dope out of the house then that's an issue. If you're firing gunshots out of the house, or another property, that's an issue,â?? said Demond Tibbs, Saginaw City Council.

Tibbs wants crime free leases to be used by all landlords in the city. While the concept is well received, some landlords question how effective it would be.

"Police have to inform the landlords so they know that there's activity,â?? said William Schmidt, President, Saginaw Landlords Association.

Right now, landlords tell NBC25 that's not happening.

"We can have a house burn to the ground, and if we don't have a neighbor call us and tell us that it's burned to the ground we would never find out. Same thing with police activity. We're never informed of anything that happens,â?? said Schmidt.

Renters also have their doubts.

"I think either way you're going to have it no matter what,â?? said Jenna Littlejohns, renter.

Jenna Littlejohns is moving out of her apartment because she feels unsafe.

"There's car break-ins. We can hear if our neighbors are fighting above us, next to us, all of that kind of stuff adds up and it's not something that I want my 2-year-old to see or have to hear,â?? said Littlejohns.

"If you have the possibility of losing the roof over your head, you'll think twice about committing a crime,â?? said Tibbs.

Councilman Tibbs says his proposal is still in the beginning stages, but he is optimistic it's something the rest of the council will support.