Craig Julian sentenced for murdering his brother's girlfriend

Lyn Spicer was murdered in Bay City in 2010.

"My son did not kill that girl. Now they want to put him in prison for the rest of his life " [this child TMs] father is going to prison for something he did not do," a woman named Toni stated as she wept while holding a toddler in her arms.

Just days before Craig Julian TMs 20th birthday, the murder suspect was sentenced to life in prison.

Thirty-three year old Lyn Spicer moved to Bay City from New York and began dating Jeffrey Julian in 2010. Months later, he admitted to strangling her to death. After killing her, he called his brother, Craig Julian, and the two buried her in a hole.

While Jeffrey claims the murder was his own action, the jury found Craig just as guilty in the homicide. "You've taken another person's life is one of the most coldest - additives I've ever seen anyone take in court - you deserve this sentence," Judge Joseph K. Sheeran from Bay County Circuit Court stated during Thursday TMs sentencing.

However, Craig TMs mother, Toni, believes the punishment is to harsh for a crime she says Craig didn TMt commit. "He helped his brother after the fact, she stated. How can you spend your life in prison for that? Nobody else does.. people kill their daughters obviously its all over national TV - she gets away with it and my son's not even there when this girl is killed and he's going to prison for life? That is wrong."

Craig is planning to appeal his life sentence. In the meanwhile, Jeffrey Julian is scheduled to begin his trial on September 27th.