Create an emergency plan for severe weather

Last year severe weather pummeled Mid-Michigan including several tornadoes.

This week is severe weather awareness week and local emergency personnel are asking people to make a plan.

A basement is the safest place to go during severe weather.

"For a tornado warning we would immediately take cover in our basement" says Linda Owen.

All part of a plan that many families share.

"The family is trained to retreat to the basement. We have living quarters down there that we can stay down there if we need to, we have our emergency supplies down there" she says.

Having an emergency plan and staying connected are steps emergency personnel want everyone to follow.

"We know that not everyone is going to hear sirens especially if you're in your car or at home" says Tom McIntyre with Saginaw County 911.

"That's why we ask people to go to a self registration site so that they can get notified by email or on their phone".

Step 1, have a plan and supplies.

Step 2, get informed.

Step 3, stay connected with your radio or TV when severe weather strikes.

"With ever changing weather conditions we all need to stay attuned so stay tuned" says Tom.