Creating manufacturing jobs focus of federal roundtable in Flint

Robert Milton doesn't have a fancy title, but he knows what Flint needs.

â??We have to rebuild what we already got,â?? says Milton.

The Flint resident attending Wednesdayâ??s roundtable trying to help Flint get jobs back.

â??If you've got the resources, you can change things,â?? says Milton. â??You can't change things if you can't have access to capital,â?? he adds.

These movers and shakers agree with Milton, Flint needs access to capital to create jobs

â??We have an aging infrastructure that needs to be updated for the demands of the 21st century,â?? says Dayne Walling, mayor of Flint. â??We're all looking to our federal and state partners to help us identify funding,â?? he adds.

Officials hope this meeting leads to more funding so Flint can get back to its manufacturing roots.

â??We need to make things, we need to grow things and that's what we're looking for ways to do that better,â?? says Walling.

"It's also an opportunity to help tell the story about Flint's turnaround and about the great momentum we have in diversifying our economy and growing our manufacturing base,â?? says Janice Karcher of Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce.

â??We lost a lot of jobs but we should be able to put jobs back on those sites because we got the infrastructure,â?? says Milton.

Senator Debbie Stabenow, Congressman Dan Kildee and â??Car Czar Jay Williams also attended Wednesdayâ??s roundtable.

Mayor Walling says he hopes this meeting of the minds will give The Vehicle City the jump start it needs.