Crews respond to two trailer fires, dispatchers say children trapped inside one

Mt. Morris fire crews responded to a trailer fire, in which a family barely made it out of the burning home.

Fire crews responded to two trailer fires in two different Mid-Michigan cities, one in which children were trapped inside.

Around 8:45 a.m. Monday, fire crews were called to a trailer on Dolan Drive at the Westwood Heights Mobile Home Park in Mt. Morris for reports of a family's home on fire. Fire crews tell NBC25 a 3-year-old child woke up a man, after seeing flames in the living room. Steveen Charles Grosinsky describes how he saved his family. He tells NBC25, "My son came and alerted me, 'daddy the curtain's on fire.' I was in my bedroom sleeping in there. I tried to throw some water on it, but it got bigger and bigger." Grosinsky then got his wife and three children out of the home safely. The flames appeared to have been sparked by an electical outlet. While everyone escaped the flames, the trailer is a total loss.

Just 40 minutes earlier, another trailer unit on the 6000 block of Hickory Lane at the Centennial Park Mobile Home Community in Burton also went up in flames after an explosion. Fire crews say a mother was taking her two children to school and the father was at work when a neighbor heard an explosion from a nearby shed. The fire from the shed then spread to the trailer.