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      Critics say Lego is promoting gender stereotypes

      Lego is going girlie!

      The Denmark based toymaker, Lego is rolling out a new Lego "feminine" line called, "friends." The girls look like "girls" but now the plastic square blocks include elements such as a beauty shop and caf. The idea has some women rights groups in an uproar claiming the new Lego line promotes stereotypes. Some critics say it's a good idea to include girls, but they don't need to decide for them how they are going to include girls, they just need to make it more gender neutral. Some however, don't think the pink debate will affect play time.

      Lego officials say online that they have received requests from mothers and girls for a different color palette for more realistic figurines and different story lines.

      Do you think the new Lego line is sending the wrong message to young girls?