Crop planting delayed from rain and cold

"I hope we can get it in during the next couple days as long as the weather holds out" says Michael Sahr.

Michael and his son John are hoping the warmth returns, and stays.

"It's still fairly average yet but we keep seeing colder temps, we get a day of warm then we get a day of cold it's not really consistent, seems like winter just wants to hang on" says John.

"I would say maybe tomorrow, or Friday, if it doesn't rain again we'll be back at it in the fields and that's what most of the farmers are looking at right now" Michael says.

This is good news for sugar beet farmers but corn still looks like it will have to wait, for now.

"Before we start putting things in like corn or soy we need to see some warmer temps" says John.

Steven Poindexter with the Michigan State University Extension says fields before this week just weren't ready, because of the rain.

"You can't really go into a field before it's ready" Steven says.

"If it's too wet when you go in there you do too much compaction, cause yield loss, so you gotta wait for the ground to be right before the farmers enter the fields and get their crops planted".

Once the fields are ready, Steven says planting won't take long.

"Give them a few good days then they will get the crops in and get them going" Steven says.

"We'll keep going until everything gets planted in the ground" says Michael.

Steven slso says that while we are a little later than farmers may have wanted with sugar beets at least, if the seeds can go in by the first of May we will be in good shape.

That means a good year for sugar beet farmers, and no effect on prices at the supermarket from products that use them.

Corn will have to wait a little longer because it is not as hardy, so until temperatures level out planting is touch and go.