Cross controversy in Frankenmuth

This 55-foot cross in Frankenmuth is causing a lot of controversy.

Americans United said they are standing up for the voiceless. They said they have been getting anonymous calls about a 55-foot white cross that has been sitting in a city park since the 1970s.

Monday, the religious watchdog group sent a letter to the city of Frankenmuth and told them, they have 30 days to remove the cross.

NBC25 called Americans United National Office in Washington D.C. and talked with Ales Luchenitser by phone. "We try to enforce the constitution and separate church and state stand up for the rights of religious men," said Luchenitser.

The organization said there is an easy solution.

"What they could do is sell the cross to the highest bidder and let the person who moves it display it on private property."

We also made phone calls to Frankenmuth City Manager Charlie Gram who said he is not yet commenting on the heated debate.

Americans United said they are serious about getting the cross pulled down, and said they will even sue the city of Frankenmuth if they need to.