"CSI: Crime Scene Insects" at Sloan Museum

"CSI: Crime Scene Insects" at Sloan Museum / Brett Dickie

"CSI: Crime Scene Insects," a traveling exhibit is currently at Sloan Museum in Flint. It educates it's guests on crimesolving entomology.

This exhibit uses hands-on learning stations and has real crime scene insects on display. You can see real crime scene insects and find out how they help investigators solve real crimes.

Cathy Gentry, Marketing Manager at the Sloan Museum says the exhibit is geared toward children 8 years old all the way up to adults.

"Bugs can actually act as the witness," Gentry says. "It's crazy but true and they have been doing it for hundreds of years."

Gentry says the first case of when experts used insects to solve crimes was back in the 1200s.

The exhibit also has a mock morgue where you can see the bloat stage and the decomposition stage of a body. Gentry says kids love and adults find it fascinating.

Sloan Museum has been caring for Genesee County's history for 60 years now. Gentry says they have had a record number of students come through last year. Sloan is also a family museum.

The CSI exhibit is open to the public through May 8th.