Cutting into Flint's tall grass

This could be a rare sound this summer for homeowners living next to homes and lots owned by the Genesee County Land Bank.

"Itâ??s just been growing and growing, Iâ??m trying to keep the animals out," said Flint resident Kira Barnes

Barnes lives next to one of the land banks 10,500 properties in the City of Flint.

"My neighbors moved out and moved to a different side of town and itâ??s just been growing and growing," said Barnes.

Barnes takes care of the property hoping to keep crime and wild animals away from her family.

"I try to cut it two times a week just to keep it manageable," said Barnes.

Limited by money and resources the land bank is sending Barnes as much help as they can afford.

"We expect to get around the City of Flint once during the season," said Genesee County Land Bank Director Douglas Weiland.

"Iâ??m grateful, thankful at least its getting cut," said Barnes.

Weiland says to properly maintain each yard it would take one cut a month, costing the land bank $7 million. He says it can only spend about one million on cutting grass this year.

"Weâ??re very stretched we don't have nearly the amount of funds required to do the work that ought to be done," said Weiland.

You can see the Genesee County Land Bankâ??s lawn mowing schedule in the images portion of this story.