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      Dangerous intersection concerns residents

      Neighbors call the intersection of Center and Pierce in Kochville troublesome.

      "We'll be eating dinner and look up and notice an ambulance at the corner, or cars just hit and no one has called 911 yet," says neighbor Nancy Knoerr.

      Just down the street from Nancy's home, Michelle Berger tells a similar story.

      "You hear the screeching and then the impact. You go out and make sure everybody's ok then call 911," says Berger.

      A couple weeks ago, Berger took action putting up signs that have since been taken down. They said, "look twice save a life, this is not a four-way stop."

      She says the signs worked and served as a small reminder for motorists to put on the brakes.

      However, since being removed drivers are back to their old habits.

      "Keep people from getting hurt and losing property and the stress of hearing it happen," says Berger.

      Calls to Kochville Township were not immediately returned.