Darnell Earley appoints blue ribbon committee

Darnell Earley said the blue ribbon committee is the first step toward transitioning the city out of a financial emergency.

Flint Emergency Manager Darnell Earley tapped Robert Wesley, chairman of the Planning Commission, to head a 21-member blue ribbon committee to begin the process of transitioning the city of a financial emergency.

Wesley will lead the group in looking at how Flint should be governed after the emergency manager leaves and a transitional advisory board is in place.

The blue ribbon committee will comprise stakeholders such as educators, civic leaders and community representatives.

Earley said the Michigan Municipal League and Michigan State University will help the committee, which will prepare a report by the end of June.

â??The end game and the goal and the vision of this whole thing is to make sure that the community â?? to the extent that governance is the factor â?? doesnâ??t go back into receivership,â?? Earley said.

Names of the other 20 members will be released the week of January 6, when they will also begin meeting.