Darnell Earley takes over as Flintâ??s Emergency Financial Manager

Darnell Earley is back in his old office at Flint's City Hall but in a new role.

Darnell Earley is back in his old office.

â??This is the same office I occupied when I was here from 2001 until 2004,â?? says Earley.

But he's got a new title and even bigger problems to deal with.

â??Thereâ??s still some challenges, obviously,â?? says Earley.

Those challenges include a dwindling police force, an increase in debt and the unwanted title as â??Americaâ??s Most Violent City.â??

â??We do have some crime statistics that are dropping but we have way too many homicides, way too many children are getting killed,â?? says Scott Kincaid, president of the Flint City Council.

Earley says public safety is a priority and he's already hired a new police chief.

His other priority is getting Flint out of state control and he's already got a timeline.

â??In an 18th month timeframe, we'll know exactly where we are and how soon after that we'll be able to transition back to a normal home rule order,â?? says Earley.

That transition is what city leaders are waiting for.

â??I'm looking for this chapter of an appointed manager to be over as quickly as possible,â?? says Dayne Walling, mayor of Flint.

â??We need to start talking about a transition advisory board and how do we go through that process,â?? says Kincaid.

Earley is confident he can get the job done.

â??Iâ??d like to think that Iâ??ve put myself in that position to be able to assist in getting the city back to that status of home rule order,â?? says Earley.

In addition to a new Emergency Financial Manager, Flint is preparing for a new police chief to take over before the end of the year.