Darnell Early releases a response to citizens asking him to resign

The South West Neighborhood Association had asked that Saginaw city manager Darnell Early be removed from his position.

Today, Early gave NBC25 a statement that was a response to the group.

This is the text of the response:

I find it quite disingenuous on the part of certain people to raise the issue of terminating me or any member of my staff for doing the job that the City Council, in two notices at separate meetings, directed us to do, as did a 17 member citizen's advisory committee. That task was to explore proposals for contracting police services to the Saginaw County Sheriff. In addition to that, my management team has been willing to analyze any and all practical options for trying to keep the City of Saginaw financially solvent and out of a State declared financial emergency, which is certainly where we will wind up for spending money we don't have! The largest portion of that expenditure is in Public Safety.

The majority of the public gets it. They also dismiss this latest attempt to shift the real focus of this issue as the political ruse of those with special interests trying to direct all this negative energy and attention to me and my staff. As a veteran City Manager, I believe such emotional responses and tactics are to be expected as we deliberate public safety service models as it is a matter of great concern and ultimately for the benefit of all stakeholders.


Darnell Early, ICMA-CM, MPA

City Manager

Saginaw, MI