Davison schools show us how to make homework smarter

Davison schools talking about Smarter Homework

Davison Schools Superintendent Eric Lieske says there's more to tablets than playing games. Students in some classes in Davison Schools use I-pads to help them with homework and other in-class projects. Lieske says they sometimes start out as fun, but learning is "embedded" in the games.

Bradyn Parrott admitted on NBC 25 Today he's learning some math skills on the computers. Same with 2nd grade student Katie O'Connor, who learned about where she lives and how to call it up on an I-pad. A teacher the the school, Wendy Hogg says many of the students already use the technology at home, so it just makes sense to use it in the classroom, too. A tehnology supervsior at Davison, Chris Leko agrees.

It's one more way, they are making homework smarter in the Davison Schools.

Frankenmuth School officials declined an invitation to appear on the broadcast.