Davison Township businesses, residents describe tanker explosion

The explosion affected more than just drivers along Interstate 69 it also forced people within a mile of the crash to be evacuated from homes and businesses.

Ben Burbar's business is one of the lucky ones.

"I'm happy where I'm at right now," said Burbar, manager of The Rock Fine Wine and Spirits.

The corner store located nearly a mile and a half from the site of the tanker explosion.

Far enough away to stay open but close enough to feel the boom.

"Shook up all my liquor and my big walls too," said Burbar.

"Al of a sudden I hear a bunch of cops and firefighters going by lot of noises and all a sudden I see tons of traffic," said Burbar.

Snowy roads and heavy traffic extending Jim Radeback's commute.

"A two minute drive is taking you 20-25 minutes to get anywhere," said Radeback.

He lives a little over a mile from the crash site.

"We heard a boom out here, I'm like woah it's the Fourth of July or something," said Radeback.

He feared he might be evacuated but luckily his home is far enough away from the scene of the crash.

"Just after we went through a power outage I'm like here we go again. Pack it up hon we're leaving, you know, but thank God it worked out."

But it didn't "work out" for everyone.

Ahmed Al-Hisan tried to return to his Davison apartment.

"The police shut down the roads and a couple of roads I couldn't get to my apartment," he said.

The evacuation order is now lifted and residents who live nearby are able to go back to their homes but drivers are cautioned to avoid the area near I-69 and Irish Road.