Davison voters approve $11.9 million school bond

A vote is taking place today in Davison


Voters in Davison approved an $11.9 million bond Tuesday to renovate Central Elementary School.

The unofficial results show 1,534 people voted in favor and 1,190 people voted against the bond.

Superintendent Eric Lieske said, "We are thrilled and thankful for the level of confidence our community has placed in its school district.

â??We are very much looking forward to beginning the process of upgrading Central Elementary into an outstanding learning center that will serve students, staff and our community as a whole well into the next 80 years.â??

***End Update***

Later today in Davison district residents will have a say in a bond proposal that would allow renovations at Central Elementary Schhol.

The $11.9 million proposal would fund renovations that would accomodate increasing enrollment.

The school is the oldest in the district.

The polls open at 7:00 AM and close tonight at 8:00 PM.