Davison voters recall 4 of 5 council members

The City of Davison votes to recall four of five city council members.

It includes Mayor Fred "Mac" Fortner, who lost by 17 votes.

The other recalled members are Jim Hershberger, Matthew Judd, and Roger Lutze. Their elections were decided within 75 votes of yes and no.

Only Councilman David Martin survived the recall.

Recall organizer and small business owner Doug Gilmore says he hopes this sends a message to future leaders.

"I hope whoever goes into office really takes heed to what happened and they they think about who they are representing that they listen to the people of Davison," says Gilmore.

Mayor Pro Tem Tim Bishop says he's still researching to see if he is the acting mayor right now.

There's supposed to be a council meeting this Monday.

The Genesee County elections board will likely select a council member so that there is a quorum.