Day care evacuated after propane fire scare

Police evacuated a nearby day care center.

It was a close call for Clio residents after a fire broke out at a propane business located next to a daycare.

Workers at Webster and Garner were sand blasting the paint off propane tanks when the fire broke out.

Fire officials say they believe the fire started when paint or gas fumes in the air ignited.

That prompted police to evacuate the daycare next door.

Thanks to some quick response by first responders, a bigger emergency was avoided.

Kirk Todd, the Assistant Fire Chief said, "Anytime you got natural gas with empty and full tanks or propane gas with empty and full tanks around there's a lot of dangers, so it could have been a whole lot worse and I think it could be safe to say that we dodged a bullet."

The kids were allowed back in the day care at about 10 this morning. Weber and Garner remained open for business.