Day four of Hayes murder trial, defense goes after Corrine Baker

Corrine Baker cries in court in 2010

The defense grills Dominick Calhoun's mother in day four of the murder trial of Brandon Hayes.

He's accused of beating and killing four year old Dominick Calhoun in April of 2010.

The defense spent quite a while questioning Corrine Baker, Dominick's mother, taking an accusatory tone asking Corrine if she beat up her son and why she did not go to police. You can see NBC25's interview with Corrine Baker shortly after Dominick died by clicking here.

It wanted to paint her as a liar, manipulator, drug addict, and one that blames others for her actions.

It brought out reports from Child Protective Services that said family members had told the agency Corrine was on drugs and should not have custody of her children.

The defense also brought up incidents where family members of Corrine claimed they told her to get medical attention for Dominick's burned hand.

Family members claim both Brandon and Corrine told them not to get medical attention because Child Protective Services would get involved and think one of them did it.

That's a claim Corrine denies.

She says her own family lied about saying Dominick needed medical attention.

Corrine says she feared what Brandon would do to her and her children if she got help.

Several other witnesses took the stand saying they went to the Argentine Township apartment to buy drugs from Brandon Hayes after the alleged assault took place.

They also say they told Corrine and Brandon to get medical help for Dominick.

The witnesses say Brandon told them Dominick burned his hand retrieving a toy from a fire pit and that he was beat up by neighbor kids.

Corrine's sister says she finally called Dominick's grandfather who eventually called police.

Testimony will halt tomorrow because Genesee County employees have a furlough day.

Monday is Martin Luther King Day so final testimony is expected to wrap up Tuesday.

The judge told me he will allow cameras into the courtroom Wednesday for closing arguments and the verdict.