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      Daycare red flags - what parents need to look out for

      The DHS's website contains background information on all state licensed daycares.

      NBC25 conducted a month long investigation into daycares in Genesee County.

      Using Michigan's Department of Human Services website, we looked at all 200 child daycare facilities in the county.

      Only about ten percent had been investigated by the state in recent years.

      We visited one daycare in Flushing, Building Blocks Developmental Day Care, which has had 17 violations since December 2007.

      The owner of the day care did not give us a comment on camera, but through her lawyer Matthew Norwood, did provide proof that the violations had been corrected.

      The violations ranged from inaccurate sign-in sheets, to multiple children being injured and parents not being properly notified.

      In Clio, Lady Di Daycare uses an elaborate camera system to help give parents a greater peace of mind.

      Parents can watch their child's every move on a computer or smartphone.

      "Its hard as a parent, hard for a daycare worker with all these kids, but having this system, I can see how my son adjusts, how he reacts, the communication between all of us at all times is a huge factor, the main factor I chose this place," parent Courtney Trenerry said.

      We found no violations in Lady Di Daycare's state records.

      The state's director of child care licensing offered us some tips on how to spot red flags at day cares.

      "Stopping by the center or the home unannounced, when you're not scheduled to go and see what's happening there. If a provider doesn't want you to do that, that's a red flag that you need to be worried about," Sinnamon said.

      He added that parents play a big role in determining if an issue exists at a daycare facility.