Daylight reveals heavy damage in parts of Coleman

Rick's pole barn was also destroyed.

Monday night Rick and Donna Jones had a difficult time seeing how much damage an EF1 tornado had caused to their property.

But by Tuesday morning, the damage was clear.

"I didn't think the house got hit at all but apparently it did. We didn't notice it till today obviously," said Rick.

Rick also wasn't aware that his house had been damaged until he woke up Tuesday morning.

"I knew these buildings were pretty much a loss, but I see damage to my motorcycle, my snowmobile and my mobile home," added Rick, referring to a large pole barn and trailer that were destroyed.

The National Weather Service says the 5.1 miles of damage created by the tornado began at Weinart and North Lewis and extened out to the northeast.

Other property owners in Coleman said that giant trees were also uprooted during the tornado.