Dead dogs left in neighborhood after police shooting

<p>Neighbors are upset after three pit bulls were shot and killed, and their bodies left in the neighborhood for a full day afterward.</p>

Neighbors are upset after three pit bulls, that were shot and killed, were left in the neighborhood for a full day afterward.

A fight between the dogs lead people in the Flint neighborhood to call police. Some people were throwing objects such as potatoes and bricks at the dogs in an attempt to get them to stop fighting.

A Flint Police Department Sergeant came out and shot all three dogs. The neighbors don't dispute that shooting the dogs was the right thing to do.

What they do dispute is what happened, or rather what didn't happen, next.

The dogs were covered with a tarp and then left. The police say it isn't their job to pick up the dead dogs.

Animal Control said it isn't their job either.

Eventually the Sanitation Department came out and picked up the dogs after they had been laying dead in the neighborhood for nearly a day.

Albert Russian, who owned one of the killed dogs and who called police, said, "You know your pet like it's a loved one. I got to see him laying out there dead, you know, I thought they would come in the morning."

City officials tells NBC25 that they are working on changing their protocols so that this doesn't happen again.