Deadly crime spree sends three behind bars

Deborah Bassett was on her way out the door Thursday when she found a body in the front yard of her home.

A quiet Flint neighborhood disturbed Thursday morning after a woman discovered a body in her front yard.

Police found that the overnight homicide would only be a piece of the puzzle after arresting three suspects in connection with what Flint's new police chief called a crime spree.

"I kind of feel like I'm going to wake up and say you're not going to believe the bad dream I had," said Deborah Bassett.

Deborah Basset is living a nightmare after she found a body in the front yard of her west Flint home.

"That's the first thing that hit me. He's dead," said Bassett.

The crime scene was across the street from a bus stop on Sheffield Avenue. Parents opted to drive their kids to school instead.

Daniel Prieur was walking his daughter to the bus stop Thursday morning.

"Usually walk her. Seen all the tape so I turned around and took her to school."

In a press conference Thursday, police said the shooting-death is just one in a string of crimes Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

Here's the timeline:

It all started when suspects carjacked a blue Chevy Trail Blazer in Flint around 7:20p.m.

Around 8:50p.m. police believe two suspects robbed a 57-year-old man at gunpoint at the intersection of Illinois and Iowa.

At 12:35a.m., police responded to a shooting on Leith and Dort. A 45-year-old woman was shot and is now in good condition.

From there, police said the suspects were involved in the Sheffield shooting.

The suspects did not stop there.

After the shooting, police said they robbed another man at gunpoint in the Hunters Ridge Apartments in Flint Township.

A short time later, police spotted the suspect vehicle and a chase ensued.

The suspects parked their car near the intersection of Copeman Blvd. and Milbourne Ave. in Flint Township and fled on foot and police.

Police immediately caught one suspect.

They later arrested two others.

At Thursday's press conference, new Flint Police Chief, James Tolbert applauded the work of multiple police agencies.

"As a result of combined efforts of all agencies you see in front of you we currently have three people in custody," said Chief Tolbert.

Police have not identified the homicide victim at this time.

The three suspects have not yet been formally charged.

Officials are asking anyone with information on the crime spree to call Flint Police. (810) 237-6900.