Dealers and drivers waiting for GM recalled parts

Mid-Michigan dealerships are delivering bad news to drivers who thought their recalled ignition switches were going to be replaced Monday.

"Now after me calling every week I am still waiting on my part," said Sara Yuncker.

Yuncker thought her wait was over. For months her family has been riding in a recalled vehicle that shuts off regularly.

"Anywhere, on a good day seven times on the way to work," said Yuncker.

General Motors says drivers should schedule appointments starting Monday. But the parts will be available later.

"It could be anywhere from 12 to 24 hours to a week before we get those," said Simms Chevy Service Manager Anthony Thomas.

Simm's Chevy is asking drivers to call them to get on a part order list so the dealership can tell General Motors how many new ignition switches they need.

"As soon as we get the parts in and get the recall taken care of," said Thomas.

Meanwhile, drivers like Yuncker say they are going to continue to drive what she calls and unreliable car.

"I want my car fixed thatâ??s it. I want the part replaced," said Yuncker.

Mechanics say changing out the ignition switch isn't a hard fix. It will take about an hour of work per car, and that's a lot less than they have been spending on the phone today explaining to frustrated drivers, that these cars still hasn't been fixed.