Deeply frozen ground causing water mains and supply lines to burst

Water main burst in Bay City.

Frequent below zero nights have stressed water mains in some cases past their limits.

A flood of freezing water in places from Detroit, to Bay City.

A major break earlier this week required help from crews in construction equipment to rescue people stranded in their cars.

"We've encountered several water main breaks" says Eric Wiederhole, an administrator with the city of Clio,

The ground has frozen enough to affect water mains and supply lines that run from the street, to your home.

Supply lines are smaller, and the water only flows when you open your tap.

Now they are freezing, and bursting.

"Since the holiday period expired we haven't had many of those big problems thank goodness" says Wiederhole.

"What we have experienced more recently is residents having their service lines freeze".

Major breaks in the water mains can be both costly and time consuming for a city to repair.

But the city of Clio actually passed an ordinance requiring repairs to be speedy.

"Once we identify a water main break we try to get it repaired within 24 hours, usually very quickly", says Wiederhole.

"Good cases would be 4 hours, sometimes 6 to 8 hours before the tap starts running".

The good news is there are a few things you can do to protect your tap and your wallet.

"We've been encouraging residents to keep their taps on a stream. A little hot and cold water running, not a big stream but typically the width of the lead in a pencil".

The extra charge for the constant trickle will be removed or adjusted out of the next water bill so you are not charged for being safe.

If you believe your supply line has frozen, officials ask that you call your local Department of Public Works, but in the case of a water main break call 911.