Defense calls only witness in murder trial for accused serial stabber

Abuelazam (right) talks with his defense lawyers Thursday.

It took less than a day for Elias Abuelazam's defense team to present its insanity defense.

Defense attorney Brian Morley called one witness, psychiatrist Dr. Norman Miller, who testified that Abuelazam is a paranoid-schizophrenic.

"He felt that individuals were part of the evil forces and that these evil forces ultimately expressed themselves and these evil forces controlled and directed him to harm others," testified Dr. Miller, who was payed $6,000 by the defense to conduct two psychological evaluations on Abuelazam.

During cross-examination, Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton called some of Dr. Miller's credentials into question and challenged the doctor's belief that Abuelazam could not control his actions.

"Isn't it just possible doctor that all this indicates he knew exactly what he was doing? Wouldn't it indicate he had a plan? Isn't it possible that he derived some pleasure from these acts?" Leyton said.

The prosecution countered with Dr. Thomas Brewer, a state psychologist and one of three planned rebuttal witnesses.

"He described lying in bed and having a shadow come over him and that's when he felt he became possessed," Dr. Brewer testified.

Dr. Brewer believes that Abuelazam is criminally responsible for the stabbing spree.

He will continue to testify Friday morning when court resumes.

Closing arguments are not expected to begin until sometime next week.