Delta College and local employers working to close skills gap

Several local employers are teaming up with Delta College to help train students for in demand jobs.

A fast track program allows student to train for 13 weeks to become a Chemical Process Operator and the college says 84 percent of the people who go through the program are placed in a position.

Governor Rick Snyder says thousands of jobs across Michigan remain unfilled because of a shortage of skilled workers.

Congressman Dan Kildee introduced legislation earlier this week to increase funding for programs similar to the Chemical Process Operator training program at Delta College.

â??What we hear from employers are there's very bright, exciting people that are located in our area, they're having a difficulty identifying them,â?? said Jennifer Carroll with Delta College.

Dow Chemical, Dow Corning and Hemlock Semiconductor are partnering with the college to train people for the 60 to 80 positions available every year.

â??You can find jobs I guess making minimum wage but when you have a family at home that doesn't pay the bills,â?? said Jeremy Bierlein, who is applying to the program.

Bierlein says he has been out of work for a year and sees this as a great opportunity to provide for his family and start a new career.

If you are interested in this program you need to apply before June 18th.

For more information, contact the Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works office or Delta College.