Delta College says most new graduates find jobs in Mid-Michigan

Roughly 400 students graduated from Delta College at a graduation ceremony Friday night.

As graduation season begins, some wonder if students will find jobs and stay in Mid-Michigan.

Hundreds of students graduated from Delta College in a ceremony Friday night. The community college says the majority of its students stay in the area.

In recent year, many schools in Michigan have been exporting graduates to other states because of more available job opportunities in their fields. Administrators say Delta does not follow that trend.

â??The majority of our students do stay in the area and it is because we do try to provide education for particular positions that are needed within this region,â?? said David Peruski, an administrator at the college.

Delta sees the biggest demand for its graduates in areas like healthcare and manufacturing. The college works closely with local businesses to place students into open positions.

â??My plans are to get a degree in Physical Therapy and I would love to come back to the Great Lakes Bay Region,â?? said Delta graduate Brandon Worden.

Some new graduates say, while the job market is improving, starting a career would be even more difficult without their education.

â??My friends who haven't gone to school. They've had a hard time finding jobs so that's another big reason I decided to continue with my schooling,â?? said Delta graduate Jordan Mulders.