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      Detectives looking for those who broke into Fenton Township home

      Police are still looking for at least two men who broke into a Fenton Township home, shooting a 23-year-old and a family pet, while stealing cash and jewelry.

      It happened around 10:30 Saturday night.

      Family members say 23-year-old Robert Johnson was the only person inside the home at the time and that he was sleeping.

      Detectives say at least two people broke into the back door.

      The normally quiet stretch of Linden Road south of Lahring Road on the border of Fenton Township and the City of Linden exploded with gunfire Saturday night.

      Neighbors report hearing three gunshots.

      "It's scary. Linden's a little town. My mom grew up here, went to school, I did, and my son did and he graduated and went into the marines and you think you're safe, but you're not. It's happening everywhere. You just have to be prepared," says Christina Kaluza, who lives on Linden Road.

      Police found blood and shell casings all over the home.

      The victim's father said his son was pistol-whipped, then shot twice, once in the hip and once in the leg.

      Right now, he's at home recovering.

      He reports the family pet being shot as well.

      Doug Spalding of Linden says, "(It) makes us nervous. We like to think we live in a real safe community. The reality is things are happening all over the place. There's no place that's totally safe."

      Detectives say the men stole at least $2,000.

      They do not believe this was a random act.

      However, the family says the victim did not know who the men were.

      "Even during the day time, when I'm here by myself, I don't keep my door unlocked. I always have it locked because you never know, never, and this just shows you," says Kalusa.

      The family says it moved out of Flint about a year ago to get away from this kind of violence.

      Detectives say they want to find these individuals responsible and have them charged with attempted murder.