Detroit Officials: Stop Flint from joining K.W.A.

It's becoming to be a war of words over water. Detroit officials are the latest to weigh in on Genesee Countyâ??s plan to join the Karegnondi Water Authority. Now, county officials are pushing back.

Detroit officials want the state to stop Genesee Countyâ??s plan to join the K.W.A. They say the county is launching the greatest water war in state history but county officials say, it's time for Detroit to come to the bargaining table.

â??It's really high, the bill is really high,â?? says John White, a lifelong resident of Flint.

Flint neighbors are seeing their money go down the drain with skyrocketing water bills.

â??About $234 a month,â?? says White estimating his monthly water bill.

Thatâ??s why the Genesee County Drain commissioner wants to cut ties with Detroitâ??s water supply.

â??We pay one of the highest water rates in the state of Michigan and the K.W.A. will give relief to our people that have to pay that bill,â?? says Jeff Wright, commissioner of the Genesee County Drain Commission.

But Detroit water officials say not so fast.

â??If Flint goes ahead and joins the K.W.A. project, there will be millions of dollars of casualties on both sides,â?? says Bob Johnson, spokesman of the Detroit Water & Sewerage Department.

The K.W.A. project would build a new pipeline to get water from Lake Huron to Flint but Detroit water officials say that's just flushing money down the toilet.

"It's a pipe dream; it doesn't benefit Flint in any kind of way,â?? says Johnson.

Pipe dream or not, Flint neighbors say they just need some relief from high water bills.

â??The water bill is too high and I hope this passes so my bills can go down lower,â?? says White.

Now both Flint's emergency manager and Flint's city council have recommended the city join the K.W.A. That decision is now in the hands of the state.