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      Diplomat Pharmacy hosts 2012 American Muscle Motorway

      Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy is proud to be one of the title sponsors for the 2012 American Muscle Motorway.

      The event will take place on Monday August 13 from 5:30-8:30 at the Diplotmat Specialty Pharmacy Atrium on 4100 S. Saginaw Street in Flint.

      Lauren Ganapini from Diplomat joined us Tuesday morning on NBC25 Today to discuss their involvement in the event.

      "Last year we raised a lot of money but we want to top that this year," said Ganapini.

      An array of new and old muscle cars will be on display during the event. There will also be a live band, silent auction and lots of local food vendors. It will be an all-American theme with burgers and coney dogs.

      "We were born in Flint and we take pride in wehre we came from," said Ganapini. "We wanted to put on an event that symbolized how we are very involved still and will be for years to come."

      A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Back to the Bricks Automotive Pioneer Statue Fund. The fund is used to create life-sized, bronze statues commemorating the early pioneers of the auto industry whose careers took hold in Flint.

      Tickets are $15.

      About the Motorway The American Muscle Motorway is the second fundraising event to benefit the Automotive Pioneer State Fund 501(c)(3), created by the Back to the Bricks, Inc. Committee. Last year, Diplomat hosted the kickoff fundraiser for the statue fund, the Million Dollar Motorway.

      In an effort to give back to the community and celebrate Flint??s heritage, the Automotive Pioneer Statue Fund 501(c)(3) was created to honor the individuals who shaped an industry, a community and a nation.

      The goal is to organize events that inspire the next generation of leadership, as well as educate the general public on the legacy of the automotive industry, especially in Genesee County. Proceeds generated from the American Muscle Motorway go directly into the creation of these life-size, bronze statues that will be placed in relevant locations throughout the city of Flint. The first statue of Louis Chevrolet is finished, with David Buick now in the works.

      Other automotive pioneer candidates include: Charles Nash, Walter P. Chrysler, C.S. Mott, Albert Champion and Charles F. Kettering.

      For questions or sponsorship inquiries, please call 810.768.9313 or email 2012AMM@diplomatpharmacy.com.