Disabled Army veteran breaks ground on a new life

Sergeant Nick Koulchar hails from the east side of Flint but is planting his roots in Brighton Township for a new life built for the new him.

"A roadside blast resulted in me losing both of my legs above the knee," said Koulchar.

Since 2008 former Sergeant Nick Koulchar has been living without the things he needs to live independently.

Homes For Our Troops is building the Flint native a house best suited for his disability.

"There are a lot of little things that you can take for granted. Like having wide enough doorways to use the restroom to having enough room in a kitchen to make your own meals," said Koulchar.

Through corporate commitments from companies like Whirlpool Koulchar and other disabled vets across the U.S are getting a second chance at a groundbreaking new life.

"Nick having a new wife, they have a bright future ahead of them so like I said groundbreaking, new and exciting," said Home For Our Troops Liaison Larry Gill.

Gill is a liaison with first hand experience to how important Koulcharâ??s new Brighton home is going to be.

"Being a disabled veteran myself and seeing first hand what these new homes do to change the lives of these disabled vets you cant put it into words," said Gill.

But the specially-designed home will not only impact the former army sergeant.

"In turn Iâ??ll have a better relationship with my wife because she can be my wife and not my caretaker," said Koulchar.

Sergeant Koulchar says he is looking forward to adding more Koulcharâ??s under his to-be new roof.