Disabled veteran evicted from his Texas home, belongings put out to the curb

In San Antonio neighbors watched as a veteran who lost his leg in combat in Afghanistan was evicted from his home.

The veteran, who also suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, got behind in his rent.

Supervised by a sheriff's deputy, items were then removed from the home and placed out on the curb. This included items like his Purple Heart, flag, and other awards for service.

Watching the veteran's items get placed out on the curb was too much for some of the neighbors, who banded together to pack up furniture and clothing and take everything to a safe place.

Now the neighbors are trying to help him financially as well. The veteran, who asked not to be named, wants to be with his family in Mississippi. The fundraiser would pay for that move.

Neighbors were hoping to raise $5000. They have now surpassed that goal, with 86 people donating a total of $5,745.

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