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      Dive team says more ice rescues this year than last six

      Pine River in Midland County's Homer Township

      Last week in Lapeer County, a fisherman died after falling through the ice and several young people were rescued after they fell into icy waters.

      This winter has been unlike many in recent years.

      It's been warm, rainy, and dangerous to be on the ice.

      Wednesday, an eight year old fell through the ice at a neighborhood pond in Fenton.

      The two boys he was playing with ran for help and their dad pulled the boy out.

      The boy was in the ice for six minutes. Fortunately he was able to hold on to a branch to keep his head above water.

      Last week, a Taymouth Township teen fell through the ice after chasing after a dog and was later rescued.

      Safety experts warn everyone to never assume ice is safe.

      "People look at ice on a small pond and say 'There's 4 or 5 inches of ice,' but the the physics of the way ice works and the melting and stuff, it actually weakens the ice and makes it more dangerous," says David Sommers, commander of the Saginaw Co. Dive Team.

      NBC25 spoke with several people who live by the Pine River in Midland County's Homer Township who say they always take precaution.

      Zachery Kidder says, "We do have a four and a half year old so we do have some rules. He has to be near an adult or with him at all times."

      "Just common sense, just stay off it," says Dennis Weirauch. "It's not a good year for it."

      The Saginaw County Dive Team says it's seen more people go through the ice this year than the last six years.

      Officials say it's a silent danger even when you think it could be safe.

      "Two years ago our dive team in Saginaw Co. was working on the Saginaw River and in a matter of two hours it went from 8 inches to 4 inches of ice," says Sommers.

      Another word of warning, we'll be getting some snow soon. That snow will insulate any ice that's out there, making it more dangerous. So experts say, stay off.