81 / 64
      86 / 67
      88 / 68

      Diving back below zero with relief on the way

      Grab a blanket, jacket, parka, or what you used before to battle the 0 degree temperatures because they are back.

      Tonight we will dive back to 0 across much of the area, going below zero across the Tri-Cities and north for sure.

      Southern counties will hit 0 at the very least, but watch for a dip below by morning.

      MBS record low for tomorrow morning is 1 and the forecast calls for -2 so we may break that record low.

      We start the week off on St. Patrick's Day with sunshine, but clouds roll in as the leading edge of a system heads our way.

      A double whammy of warm fronts brush our way on Tuesday, warming us into the 40's and they stick around for 4 days.

      The system on Tuesday night through Wednesday will be mainly rain up through the tri-cities but freezing rain across the area overnight and in spotty areas is possible, especially to the north.

      Either way, it will be slick.

      The week ends with partly cloudy skies and slightly below normal temperatures, but still above freezing.

      Spring is fighting back, and it's starting to win.