DNA expert takes the stand in Bluew trial

In day 7 of the Kenneth Bluew murder trial, the prosecution called a new witness and reviewed evidence found at the scene where Jennifer Webb's body was found.

Bluew, a former Buena Vista police officer, is charged in the murder of Webb, his pregnant girlfriend.

For the second day in a row, Michigan State Police forensic examiner, Valerie Bowman took the stand handling pieces of evidence one by one. A police t-shirt with a blood stain, a pair of pants and boots.

Bowman says through the investigation, samples from the items were sent for DNA testing.

"I had placed extraction tubes for delivery to Lansing and DNA analysisâ?? says Bowman.

The defense cross-examined Bowman and presented dozens of photos pressing the witness on whether it's possible that DNA could have been transferred or even contaminated.

"I use disposable scalpels when cutting blood stains and tubing, I have disposable gloves which I throw away," says Bowman.

DNA expert, Lisa Ramos took the stand next. She works in the Michigan State Police lab in Lansing where the samples were sent. She's testified in dozens of cases.

"We have different mechanisms in place to make sure we're not contaminating our evidence. We are constantly changing our gloves cleaning with bleach."

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