DNR fee increase on the way in 2015

Since 2012 the DNR has been charging less in order to reach out to more people. That plan is working, but more funds are needed and the state is looking to charge the people a little more.

"It was really nice having something like this to introduce a kid to," said Larry Beers.

Michigan State Parks are more than an entry fee and camping pass to Beers.

"His first fish he ever caught like I said 29 years ago, when he was just two years ago was right here," said Beers.

Nearly three decades after catching his sons first fish, the department of natural resources still maintains 7 Lakes State Park.

"They have miles and miles of trails and they are well manicured," said Beers.

The new budget is on Governor Snyderâ??s desk. It includes $10 million worth of state park improvements.

"We have a variety of requests in but we don't know if they will be adopted or not," said Michigan Department of Natural Resources Chief of Parks and Recreation Officer Ron Olson.

Under the new budget, state parks are asking for better infrastructure. Part the infrastructure improvement dollars is going to come from park visitors.

"We will raise the camping rate $4 for parks that have occupancy rates of 80% or greater on average," said Olson.

The DNR will also make a $2 increase for camp grounds with occupancy rates below 80%. While the increase is small, the DNR says the dollars are going back into the park.

"Hey, ten bucks, a one time deal to come out to a place like this I mean you canâ??t complain," said Olson.

All the details of the 2015 budget are expected to be released when it is signed by Governor Snyder next week.