Do you think federal lawmakers are worth their $174,00/year paychecks?

<p>Waiting until the last minute to work out a deal seems to be the way to do business for this Congress.</p>

Waiting until the last minute to work out a deal seems to be the way to do business for this Congress.

As NBC25 National Correspondent Kristine Frazao tells us, many of you don't believe national lawmakers are worth their $174,000/year paychecks. The 113th Congress will be remembered for many things. Among them, a government shutdown, the use of Dr. Seuss in a filibuster and passing the fewest number of laws on record. Just 56 the entire year. We asked some members of Congress what grade they would give Congress and here's what we found.

An awkward topic for some, After all, among the bills that haven't become laws: immigration legislation, a farm bill. A budget. Consider for a moment private businesses. FedEx delivers about 4 million packages every single day. Domino's Pizza daily delivery is at more than a million. In Washington, D.C. alone, more than 2300 apartment units were built this year. The lack of action down the road on Capitol Hill has translated to low poll numbers for lawmakers. Some Congressmen take pride in it. The real grades will come out in November of 2014 at the ballot box. For now, it seems our lawmakers are content being underachievers.

The 2014 calendar was recently released on the House side and after working just 126 days this year, it looks like members will only work 113 days next year. A bit of trivia for you this morning: In 1948, President Harry Truman called his lawmakers the "Do Nothing Congress". That group still passed 8 times the number of laws as this session.