Dog owners could face jail time for petâ??s actions

Flint City Council members are weighing a new vicious dog ordinance. City leaders want to hold dog owners responsible for their pet's actions and the penalties are tough.

"I think they should be responsible for their dogs, definitely,â?? says Donald Harris, a Flint resident.

City council members are thinking the same.

A proposed ordinance holds dog owners responsible for their pet's actions.

â??As the humane society, we feel people should be responsible for their pets even if it's a rabbit,â?? says Dawn Johnson, executive director of The Humane Society of Genesee County.

If passed, dog owners could face 90 days behind bars and a $500 fine if their dog attacks---a person or another animal.

â??I think it's a fairly large problem,â?? says Richard Angelo. Heâ??s a law attorney who helped draft the ordinance,

He says the proposed law could cut down on dog attacks in The Vehicle City.

â??This is more of a responsibility type ordinance to make sure people take care of and keep their animals under control,â?? says Angelo.

â??If people invest the time in training their pets and love their pets and take good care of their pets than the pets will be good citizens as well,â?? says Johnson.

Councilman Neely didn't return NBC25â??s phone calls Tuesday.

The city council has voted to move the ordinance forward for a second reading. They could vote on this proposal as early as the next city council meeting.