Dominick Calhoun law passed unanimously by Michigan House

The "Dominick Calhoun" bill passed unanimously in the Michigan House on Thursday.

The family of Dominick Calhoun is rejoicing after the Michigan House unanimously passed a bill on Thursday that stiffens penalties for child abusers. It passed the House with a vote of 107-0. The bill will now move to the Michigan Senate.

House bill 5562 and 5563, was named after Dominick Calhoun, was beaten to death in Argentine Township in 2010.

Brandon Hayes was found guilty in January of first-degree murder and nine other counts in Calhoun's death, while Dominick's mother Corinne Baker pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

His grandfather says "Dominick's Law" will protect children from offenders and have a far reaching impact.

"I don't want to forget him," said Rick Calhoun. "I don't ever want to forget him, not that we ever could, but he's going to make a difference you know, even though he is not here anymore."

The bill calls for stiffer penalties for child abuse and also punishes those who commit abuse in front of other kids.

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