Dominick Calhoun's mother and brother testify

Brandon Hayes is on trial for allegedly killing 4 year old Dominick Calhoun

Wednesday, Corrine Baker, Dominick Calhoun's mother took the stand. She says she tried to protect her son, saying she lied on top of him while Brandon Hayes kicked him.

She says she blames Brandon Hayes alone, saying at one time Hayes pulled Dominick's front teeth out with his bare hands. Corrine says Brandon was enraged because he wanted child support from Dominick's biological father. Corrine says Brandon said he was "...tired of raising kids that aren't his."

Corrine says while Hayes beat Dominick, she says Hayes called the 4-year-old a "crack baby" and said he "deserved to die."

Corrine admitted to being a drug addict on the stand.

Dominick's brother Tyler, now 10 years old, says he does not remember much from the alleged events nearly two years ago.

However he says Hayes burned Dominick's hand with hot water, threw him up against a wall, and gave him bruises.

The detective who interviewed hayes says Hayes confessed to the crimes. The prosecution showed a hand-written apology note from Brandon Hayes that said among other things, "Dear Judge, I am so sorry for what I have done to Dominick and Corrineâ?¦I am a drug addict. But now I am not."

Dominick's father's family says at first they did not believe Corrine defended Dominick but after seeing her injured face, and hearing her testimony, they gained some relief.

"It was always questionable. I think today it was proven that did actually take place and I feel a little bit better inside that Dominick was not alone and that she did try to defend him," says Melanie Calhoun, Dominick's aunt.

However, they say she did not do enough.

Corrine will spend 13 to 30 years in prison. Dominick's father's family says Corrine will wrestle with guilt much longer.

"It will be there with her forever and that will be her life sentence," says Melanie Calhoun.

The defense questioned the actions of police who did not tape their entire interview with Brandon Hayes.

A detective also admitted to not knowing or questioning Brandon Hayes about being in a mental hospital.

Testimony will continue Thursday morning.