Dominick Calhoun's mother Corrine Baker found competent; Police honor 4-year-old

Above Argentine Township Police Det. Arch Ravert TMs is taped a picture of a blond haired little boy smiling with a fire chief TMs hat on. It is a smile Ravert never saw in person.

On a Sunday in April Argentine Township Police responded to the Pinehurst Apartments and found 4-year-old Dominick Calhoun. His once smiling face then covered with bruises still haunts them.

It doesn TMt bother you all the time, says Det. Arch Ravert. But sometimes it bothers you when you don TMt expect it. And that is what TMs bad. You TMre not prepared. You see a little blond haired boy out in public and it just triggers your memory.

Police are preparing for many more reminders of Dominick.

A judge Tuesday morning found Dominick TMs mom Corrine Baker competent to stand trial. Her preliminary exam is scheduled for July 19. She faces 2nd degree murder and child abuse charges. Police say she didn't do enough to save her son from her boyfriend's rage. Her attorney says she fought for her son's life, and is distraught that she failed.

The man accused of beating Dominick, 24-year-old Brandon Hayes has been bound over to circuit court where he is scheduled to be arraigned on 10 counts, including torture, child abuse, and 1st degree murder.

Det. Arch Ravert says nearly all of the officers on duty the day they responded to Dominick's home have talked to counselors. They say the horror of that day changed them.

To recognize the impact a little boy has had on an entire department, the officer TMs union bought blue bracelets.

They have Dominick TMs name on them, his date of birth, and the date he died.

As officers testify in court, speak with Dominick TMs family members, or just go about their daily duties they wear these bracelets, and remember.

Dominick has given meaning to their jobs, meaning to their lives, and meaning in their fight against drugs.

I don TMt jump on a lot of causes, says Ravert looking at the blue bracelet he wears. But this hits close to home. Remember. Everything you hear about this case is about drugs.

Ravert says he hopes that is what society learns from this tragedy. He says the bulk of his hours are spent dealing with people abusing drugs.

Now when he stops a kid for a simple drug crime, he thinks of 24-year-old Brandon Hayes, the man accused of beating Dominick for days before he died.

Hayes TM father has described his son as a compassionate loving kid, who changed after getting involved in drugs. It is a scenario Ravert has seen too many times in his line of work.

He told me without the drugs Brandon was a normal kid. That's what he told me, and I believe it.