Downed tree poses problem for boaters

Residents in Bangor Township are gearing up for boating season as the weather heats up but boaters in one neighborhood may have some trouble getting on the water because of a downed tree.

The tree fell during a storm in October. Half of the tree landed in the Kawkawlin Lagoon and the other half landed on Terry Kelly's property.

Terry, who did not want to talk on camera, said initially he had people telling him they wanted to cut up the tree for firewood once the water iced over, but it not never cold enough for the water to freeze so the tree remained.

The downed tree blocks a channel that leads into the Saginaw Bay. Carl Rowley, who lives on Kawkawlin Lagoon, said several people have damage their boats trying to manuever around the tree.

"Some people have to cut a little bit off the tree just to get through," said Rowley.

Rowley said he's been trying to get the tree removed since it fell in October.

Terry Kelley says he and several boaters chopped up the part of the tree in the river Monday night so boaters could get through.

Bay County Commissioner Ernie Krygier says the lagoon is more of a ditch and therefore the drain commission will work on getting the tree cleared out.

Krygier says the drain commission is working with Mr. Kelly to see how crews can get rid of the tree without damaging Mr. Kelly's property.

Officials say they hope to have the tree cleared out by June.