Downtown Midland prepares for a major revamp

Midland City Design (Courtesy: City of Midland)

MIDLAND, Mich. - Downtown Midland will soon start to look very different.

After 26 years the downtown will get a brand new streetscape.

As part of the changes it will have a more contemporary design.

There will be parallel parking instead of angled parking.

And potential safety concerns with the pavers will be fixed.

"We're going to do a brand new streetscape and bring to our downtown community what many in our community have asked for, they want more spacious sidewalks and outdoor dining opportunities and a place we can more readily hold events in our downtown district,” said Selina Tisdale, Community Affairs Director of Downtown Midland.

Construction will begin in June and will take up to 26 weeks.

When construction begins, they will post updates on Dig-In-Midland.

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