Downtown Midland set to get a facelift and expansion

Downtown Midland is set to expand.

The PlansPlace program, a partnership between the Michigan Municipal League and Michigan State University gives cities technical and development assistance to enhance their downtowns.

The city already planning to use this help to connect downtown to the Dow Diamond,'

"I think downtowns everywhere are on a comeback and obviously as a business owner I want to see a big downtown" says Mary Moore, owner of Serendipity 181.

City officials hope adding walking paths and shop space creates one continuous, walk able downtown.

They say right now, downtown is split in 2.

"We essentially have two distinct and kind of separate components of the downtown, and we really want them functioning together as a single unit" says Jon Lynch, Midland City Manager.

Business owners see this as a way to attract more people to downtown.

"I think its really cool to have the stadium connecting to all the downtown businesses for something for people to do and be involved with while they are waiting to go to a game or go grab a drink" says Kelly Mason, owner of Lux The Salon.

Changes to downtown are in the planning stages but official redesign is expected to begin soon.